Size is a state of mind they say. What is small or large is just in the eyes of the beholder. The need for smart solutions in small kitchens is growing. Just in Sweden the population of a “Malmö” moves to Stockholm each year. This trend of urbanization can be viewed across the globe. To help people make their kitchen dreams come true, even in small kitchens, Marbodal invented some cool smart features that gives even the smallest kitchens extra space and room. To show the possibilities of these features, and how they actually contribute to a more functionally kitchen, we took an unexpected, remote, natural small space and build a fully functional kitchen. Welcome to the lighthouse and the story of how Marbodal gives you lots of space – even if the room is pretty small (8 kvm to be exact). Watch the Behind The Scene film for the full story or check out the interactive 360-degree digital experience from the lighthouse kitchen.